5 Style Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

Today I go over the 5 mistakes that beginners often make when getting into style. Avoid these!

Video Summary

  1. Spending too much/Not making a budget
    1. Guys often spend too much on clothing, including too many items and ones that are too expensive
    2. A higher price tag doesn’t always mean higher quality. Sometimes you’re just paying for the name.
  2. Just following a blogger’s advice
    1. A blogger’s advice can often be good, but that doesn’t mean you should take it to heart and do everything they say
    2. Determine if an item is YOUR style, not someone else’s. 
  3. Wearing too many accessories
    1. Guys tend to over-accessorize. You don’t need a bunch of accessories to look good
    2. All you need is a watch for most outfits. If it’s a suit, then add a pocket square. 
  4. Filling your closet with too many items
    1. You don’t need a closet filled with clothes, you only need a few items in each category that you can then mix and match
    2. Make sure your items are ones that you’ll wear and wear often.
  5. Know your measurements
    1. You need these to compare to the brand’s measurements and make sure you get the right size
    2. Sizes for one brand won’t necessarily be the same for another brand. Just because you’re a size medium for one brand doesn’t automatically you’ll be a medium for all other brands.

Bonus Mistake

Not following our friends at Men’s Insights! Make sure to check out their complete guide to matching colors and patterns for suiting here!

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